WAMP Error: You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin on this server

Most likely cause is that WAMP is binding to an IPv6 address on your version of Windows (ie Vista or Windows 7). To fix this problem simply add "::1" to the "Allow from" in the following file: c:\wamp\alias\phpmyadmin.conf as per the following example:

<Directory "c:/wamp/apps/phpmyadmin3.5.1/">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    AllowOverride all
        Order Deny,Allow
	Deny from all
	Allow from ::1

Be careful with changing that line to Allow from all, which is a common solution found on the internet. This may expose you to a potential risk as the default phpmyadmin configuration allows root access with no password.

Restart the Apache server after making those changes


# Manimaran.R 2013-10-05 14:14
awesome Thanks it's working....
Mt  Analyste
# Mt Analyste 2013-11-27 01:59
Thanks for this solution.


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