Disable "No Right Click" Scripts in Firefox

Disabling the right click menu can be useful when using things like wysiwyg edotors, but some websites use this feature to disable right click menu on the entire page to prevent users accessing menus like view code or download images. But as a developer being able to access the right click menu is handy. Good news that ability to block right click menu by scripts can be disabled in 6 easy steps.

  1. In the location bar enter about:config
  2. Agree to the prompt
  3. Search for context
  4. Find  dom.event.contextmenu.enabled
  5. Click to toggle false
  6. This is it. You can now use the right click menu options.

Just remember to set dom.event.contextmenu.enabled to true again if you intend to use wysiwyg editos or any other web app that replaces the right click menu with an alternative menu for that app.


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