change error reporting via htaccess

A quick quide on how to use htaccess file (is configured in php.ini) to display or logPHP errors or change error reporting level.

Redirect pages with html suffix

turn-off-html-suffix If you turn off the HTML Suffix in SEO Settings in Joomla, it will break the old links that could be indexed by search engines, bookmarked or linked within your or other websites. This will result in 404 Page not found error, which can be addressed by making a small change in htaccess file to redirect old .html pages to their new URLs without the HTML suffix.

Install Wildcard SSL for sub-domains on the same IP

cPanel default setup does not allow to setup a Wildcard SSL for sub-domain on the same IP via its web interface. But it can be done relatively easily using the following instructions.

Happy New Year 2014!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope your next year will be full of exciting challenges and great opportunities!

How to get default site template name in Joomla 2.5

Retrieving Site Template name is relatively easy when you need it within a site component. This can be done by using getTemplate()function in the following example. But what if you need to get the name of a Site Template from Administrator component or a module?

Hide 'subcategories' title in a blog view

I've seen a number of different articles and suggestions on how to hide subcategories title in a blog view. Some of those suggestions are completely on a wrong track, so I thought to write this article and give several options on how to manage subcategories title in a blog view.

Multiple categories update for K2 version 2.6.5

A new multi categories update for K2 version 2.6.5 is now available for download which includes the following changes:

  • updated the multi categories patch to work with K2 version 2.6.5
  • fixed tag total count, which was affecting tags view pagination
  • added primary key to #__k2_items_category_ref

How to set up multiple sites with WAMP

Default WAMP installation configured to run only one website via localhost. Apache has Virtual Hosts directive that allows to set up more than one sites on a single server.

Deleting rows from related tables in MySQL

I've seen different implementations to maintain related records in MySQL, especially when there is a need to delete related rows in multiple tables. This article shares how to delete related rows using a single SQL query when using either InnoDB or MyISAM storage engine

WAMP Error: You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin on this server

Most likely cause is that WAMP is binding to an IPv6 address on your version of Windows (ie Vista or Windows 7). To fix this problem simply add "::1" to the "Allow from" in the following file: c:\wamp\alias\phpmyadmin.conf as per the following example:

Multiple categories update for K2 version 2.6.2

A new multi categories update for K2 version 2.6.2 is now available for download which includes the following changes:

  • fixed multi category selection in admin item view for Joomla 3.0
  • added categories array to items which can be used to display all categories an item is published in. An array of category objects can be accessed via $this->item->categories in a K2 item template

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