Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (500)

Some time ago I came across the following error on a XenApp 6/Windows 2008 Server R2 running as a guest on VMWare ESXi Server:
"Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (500): unable to acquire a license from server. Please contact your system administrator or open Event Viewer"

cmd script to update dhcp settings

I was going through old files and came across two dos batch files I used to use to run on and off DHCP during testing. I thought I would share those:

Multiple categories update for K2 version 2.5.7

New multi categories update for K2 version 2.5.7 is now available for download.
Note: This update is no longer supported. Please use Multi categories update for the latest version of K2 instead.

Assign a static IP to a Guest on a VMware Workstation

Instructions on how to configure VMware built-in DHCP service to bind an IP to a MAC of a Guest VM running on a Windows host

Get the text of a selected radio

Recently I needed to get a text of a selected radio button using JQuery. I thought it be useful to share.

How to install Zend Debugger on CentOS

Zend Debugger provides step-by-step debugging and lets monitor the current values of variables in scope. It can save hours for complex applications instead of using echo after each line to see what is going on.

Joomla admin login problem: 500 - An error has occurred

500 - An error has occurred error message is most likely caused by one of the following:

Adding a menu item type

Menu item types allow execution of Joomla componentand can be used to control which views, layouts and tasks are trigered by component's controller. To add a new menu item type to the menu manager simply create default.xml with the following content in the /components/com_MYCOMPONENT/views/MYVIEW/tmpl/ folder:

Uninstall Firefox Add-ons

Most Firefox extensions can be removed from the Add-ons Manager. Add-ons Manager can be accessed via menu or by typing about:addons in the address bar of the Firefox.

Some Firefox add-ons have Remove option disabled or it does not appear at all. Norton and Kaspersky antivirus programs are good examples. Both of those install Firefox add-ons without your consent and with no remove option to uninstall the extensions.

Migrating Joomla extensions from version 1.5 to Joomla 2.5

Code changes to look for when upgrading extensions from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. Feel free to send me any new tips to add to this article.

Updated k2 files for multiple categories for version 2.5.4

Note: This update is no longer supported. Please use Multi categories update for the latest version of K2 instead.

I got around installing K2 v2.5.4 on Joomla 2.5 and updated files to enable multiple categories. Add new table to your database, extract attached files into your Joomla directory and it should work. Make sure you back up your site first.

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